Kyle Ivan Duo Live at Heart and Crown

Thu, Sep 27 - 09:00 PM

Kyle Ivan is a refreshing new face to the singer-songwriter scene in Ottawa, Canada. Often...

Heart & Crown Preston
Live Entertainment

Murder Mystery Ottawa - HARI-KARAOKE, Popcorn Theatre at The Prescott

Sat, Sep 29 - 08:00 PM

Brace yourself for a shocking surprise at "The Greazy Lagoon" as proprietor Manny Wicke throws...

The Prescott
Live Theatre

fundamentals of meditation & mindfulness

Sun, Sep 30 - 12:00 PM

Numerous cultures and traditions (and now modern science) praise the incredible benefits of...

Yoga Town

Popular Somewhere Live at Heart and Crown

Sep 28 - Sep 29

Check out the members of the trio, Will Cook For Music, accompanied by pianist extraordinaire,...

Heart and Crown
Live Entertainment

The Last Spartan

Sep 18 - Sep 29

Two city states, once allies, now sworn enemies - on one side, Athens; resplendent in art,...

The Gladstone Theatre
Live Entertainment

Side splitting laughter Thursday - Sunday at Absolute Comedy

Mar 01 - Sep 30

Whether you’re looking to kick off the weekend with a good belly laugh and a beer, or make up...

Absolute Comedy
Live Comedy