Bakery, Pastry, Gelato and Dessert

Borgo Bar 262 Preston St.

At the heart of Little Italy you will find - Borgo Bar. A modern take on the Italian tradition of the “Bar”, a place where you can get a great “caffè”. Borgo Bar is where you will find the typical sounds of a “Italian Bar”, close your eyes and it will take you, if not for a moment, to Italy. Over a morning espresso or cappuccino, the sounds of conversation taking place at the “bancone” while the grinder makes its magical fine powder and the “macchinetta del caffe” infuses it, only to releases that fantastic creamy espresso. The ambiance is one of harmonized chaos, where you indulge in authentic sounds and coffee, just like those of an Italian city.

Gelatini Gelato 344 Preston St.

Gelatini is a family oriented business specializing in creating small batch quantities of specialty Italian gelato and sorbets.

Little Italy Bakery

Little Italy Bakery 306 Preston St.

Marcello's Market 345-B Preston St.

Marcello's Market & Deli is the perfect choice - whether you need a quick coffee and biscotti in the morning, a freshly made nutritious meal, or a catered lunch for the office.

While the selection in each store varies, we guarantee a great variety of fresh, home-made food daily. Discover a World of Taste at Marcello's.

Nutty Greek Bake Shop 490 Rochester St.

The Nutty Greek Bake Shop is a family owned and operated business, opened by the Papadopoulos family in March 2012.

Our goal is to deliver a sweet taste of Greece, which has been missing from our city for over a quarter of a century. Our recipes have been passed down through the generations and some have been given a modern twist to keep things interesting. We also have a great lunch menu, that offers up savory phyllo rolls, daily soups, pita wraps and healthy salads. Visit us online to see our full lunch menu and also our Catering menu.

From our grandma's loving hands, now onto you!

Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana Ltd. 200 Preston St.

Italian Pastry shop and cafe specializing in european-style desserts for every occasion. In business since 1979. We make homemade gelato and cannoli siciliani, assorted pastries, mousses and cheesecakes. We serve breakfast and lunch. Try our Thin crust italian gourmet pizza, grilled panini and hot pasta. Chef Joe Calabro is an award winning pastry chef and chocolatier. He is skilled in chocolate and sugar work. He can make your beautiful wedding cake or custom 3D cake.

Open 7 days a week from 7:30am to 10pm. A great place for everyone. We hope to see you soon!

Simply Biscotti

Simply Biscotti 354 Preston St.

We offer a wide variety of biscotti, pastries, and coffee. We also have a selection of italian panini and various lunch specials.