Portrait of an Unidentified Man
May 11

Portrait of an Unidentified Man The Gladstone

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Artist, fraud, chameleon, victim. Elmyr De Hory was all of these and arguably the most notorious, successful and prolific art forger of the twentieth century. Never fully recognized as an artist in his own right and eternally frustrated by this fact De Hory turned to painting in the style of his contemporaries, including Matisse, Picasso, and Modigliani, and passing off the results as originals with astonishing success. After decades spent toiling in anonymity, Elmyr De Hory, at once the swindler and the swindled, finally reveals his own private truth as told by playwright and actor Pierre Brault.

Date and time

Thu, May 11 2017 Sat, May 20 2017


910 Gladstone Ave