Fundamentals of Meditation & Mindfulness - Preston with Jason Billows
Apr 15

Fundamentals of Meditation & Mindfulness - Preston with Jason Billows Yogatown

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Numerous cultures and traditions (and now modern science) praise the incredible benefits of meditation and mindfulness, but how do you get started and how do you make it stick?

This 3.5 hour workshop will provide a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness, using practical, grounded instruction that you can easily understand and implement into your daily life.

You’ll learn everything needed to create a solid, consistent, and effective meditation practice, and how to cultivate mindfulness into your day-to-day life.

Some of the things you'll learn include:

  • The differences between meditation, mindfulness, and other practices
  • The benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Why and how meditation and mindfulness work
  • An understanding of meditation and mindfulness in contemporary terms
  • Present Moment Awareness Meditation techniques
  • How to take your practice off the cushion and into your day-to-day life
  • Strategies to establish a regular practice that sticks
  • And more

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to live more mindfully, feel more alive, and relieve stress and anxiety.

You may be new to meditation, curious about meditation, or already meditate but want to establish a more formal practice. You may also be enjoying the benefits of meditation, but want to learn how to bring your practice off the cushion and into other areas of your life.

All levels are welcome.

The workshop will include lectures, guided meditations, exercises, group discussion, and the opportunity to participate in an online meditation accountability group.

Bring your yoga mat, a meditation cushion (bolster, or folded blankets are also fine), a notebook, comfortable clothes for sitting, and water.

Time: 12:30pm - 4pm
Investment: $70 / $50 member
Location: Preston

Date and time

Sun, Apr 15 2018, 12:30 pm Sun, Apr 15 2018, 4:00 pm


300 Preston Street