Lilac Walk Garden Tour
May 19

Lilac Walk Garden Tour CEF Ornamental Gardens

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Tulips get a lot of hype around town, but lilacs are an especially beautiful sign of spring, and the Friends of the Experimental Farm are going to make sure you don’t miss out on the stunning display to found right here.

The Friends of The Farm Lilac Team will be giving a free guided tour of over 200 varieties of lilac found at the CEF Ornamental Gardens, on Saturday May 19 at 2pm. This includes some of the original lilacs, planted at the Arboretum in 1886.

Parking is available in the lot at the Agriculture and Food Museum, and the tour starts from the Macoun Memorial Garden.




Date and time

Sat, May 19 2018, 2:00 pm Sat, May 19 2018


901 Prince of Wales Drive