soothing flow & sound bath
Sep 23

soothing flow & sound bath Yoga Town

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Sound is so powerful and has been used for healing by many cultures for thousands of years. Jovette Carey & Megan Marie Gates are teaming up to offer the perfect blend of healing sounds and soothing movement just in time to celebrate the fall equinox. It is a time of equal amounts of light & dark, a time to allow all that which has been cast out of the light of consciousness to rise- especially our unconsciously hidden attributes.


Join them and be moved by the healing vibration of crystal bowls, chimes, and angelic vocals by Megan Marie as Jovette guides you through a complete yoga practice; Beginning with a guided meditation, followed by a warming slow flow, vocalization through chanting, ending with soothing long holds for the hips, and an extra luxurious savasana with healing sound bath.


This workshop is for anyone wishing to work with the medicine of sound + yoga. You won’t want to miss this special treat!


Date and time

Sun, Sep 23 2018, 2:00 pm Sun, Sep 23 2018, 4:00 pm


300 Preston Street