King Lear at The Gladstone
Mar 20

King Lear at The Gladstone Gladstone Theatre

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Peter James Haworth stars as Lear, in this story of an aging king who divides his kingdom amongst his three daughters. The two elder daughters who offer flowery lip-service are each given half, while the third daughter—who refuses to play his game—is banished. Having unknowingly rendered himself powerless by giving away his kingdom, Lear learns too late that he has mistaken his personality as the source of his power. Lear is thrust into the world of the homeless, and unable to accept the truth, he goes mad.

Shakespeare’s monumental tragedy for the ages continues to speak to the difference between haves and have-nots, with parallels in our own times to homelessness, mental illness, and the tyranny of the super-wealthy. Presented by Bear & Co., who bring full-blooded Shakespeare to your park in the summer, with music direction by Rachel Eugster.

Date and time

Wed, Mar 20 2019 Sat, Mar 30 2019


910 Gladstone Avenue