What If? – The Musical
Jun 13

What If? – The Musical The Gladstone Theatre

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Imagine a world where you can do anything. Like, actually do anything. A world where there are no fears, no heartbreak, no wrong, and no consequence. Where everything is permitted and no dream is too big. What if you could learn a 7th language overnight? What if you could learn to juggle in a heartbeat? What if you could be happier in love that you ever thought possible? In David’s make-believe world of Artistic License…you can.

David is a playwright, a musician, and determined to do anything to win the bi-annual musical competition award with his latest musical “Artistic License”. Pulling from his limited life experience hasn’t been enough to create the magic of an award-winning musical so he starts making up emotions with the help of his alter-ego. Together, they forge a dark union that further isolates him and he realizes that the utopian world he is creating is suddenly more attractive the world he lives in.

But David finally learns that everything comes with a price. What will he give up in order to win the competition? His integrity? His wife? His family? David finds that the secret lies in all the things he
couldn’t say. But by the time he finds what is needed, will it be too late?

“What if? – The musical” boasts 27 original songs that will fill your ears and your heart with beautiful melody and harmony from start to finish.

Date and time

Thu, Jun 13 2019 Wed, May 15 2019


910 Gladstone Avenue