Oct 05


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Brace yourself for a shocking surprise at "The Greazy Lagoon" as proprietor Manny Wicke throws his first annual GOLDEN VOICE KARAOKE COMPETITION. With a $100,000 recording contract up for grabs it's sure to be a cut-throat competition.

Competing tonight will be beer truck driver Kirk Wheeler, would-be movie star Trudy Jewel, former housewife turned steamy songstress Carmen SanDiego, and the Golden Boy himself - Davey Nantucket.

Don't let the unusual staff at "The Greazy Lagoon" bother you - it's nothing personal, they treat everyone that way. Or as they like to say "It's you, not me".

Sing along with all the HITs and cheer on your favourite competitor, but be careful! There's a killer at large and a body is bound to drop when you least expect it.



October 5

October 19

November 2

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/murder-mystery-ottawa-hari-karaoke-popcorn-theatre-at-the-prescott-tickets-26444731905 to purchase tickets.


This is Murder Mystery Ottawa POPCORN THEATRE  

No rubber chicken here! Complimentary popcorn is the only food served during the show so arrive early and grab dinner before the show at the Prescott or at one of the fabulous restaurants in the area. Cash bar in the room.

Date and time

Sat, Oct 5 2019, 8:00 pm Sat, Nov 2 2019, 10:00 pm


379 Preston Street