They came. They ate. They conquered.

Preston Street's first Presdelicious event was an absolute success! The Preston Street BIA and all the participating restaurants would like to thank each and every one of you who came out to discover Little Italy's eclectic collection of cuisines and indulged your senses in all that Presdelicious had to offer.

Although, Presdelicious in now over for the summer, you can still take the opportunity to read the menu below and get to know the stories behind Preston Street's talented chefs. Each of the restaurants accepts reservations throughout the year, so be sure to make a repeat visit or go try one you may have missed.

Didn't know about Presdelicious?
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We invited everyone to come and discover Little Italy's Eclectic, appealing collection of cuisines, talented chefs, and exciting menus.

Modeled after similar successful food events in other Canadian cities including Toronto and Vancouver, Presdelicious offered an ideal opportunity for diners to discover new favourites or revisit familiar ones. Presdelicious offered the opportunity to discover a delectable blend of each restaurant’s most popular fare, coupled with items selected to showcase their kitchen’s capability and creativity.

Stay tuned! Presdelicious will be back before you know it!


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