Get to Know the People on Preston

Tony Zagaria

“I was born in Italy. I came here when I was seven years old. I did my schooling here. I worked in retail from the age of seven; pushing carts to get off the streets. Just helping out. That’s how I started.”

“My family weren’t chefs in the industry but they knew the kitchen. Good recipes, good food. I learned from that and created my own things.”

“My father in law started the business next door 50 years ago and 31 years ago he came to me with an idea and I said, ‘Let’s do it.’”

“We started here because we wanted to affiliate the two stores. It was to work together and provide the customers with everything. One-stop shop.”

“It’s all family recipes. With time you learn and create new ones and that’s what we’ve done. We concentrated more on specializing in pastas, different fillings. We figure, we specialize in pasta, why not give people a large variety of products? And that’s what we’re doing. We create new products all the time.”

“You have to be on the ball, give a good product, good customer service. You’ve got to create new things all the time. That’s the key. We have people that shop here from 31 years ago. It’s a good feeling because now their kids are shopping here. It’s growing in that way. It’s a good feeling for me to see that.”

Visit Luciano’s Home of Fresh Pasta at 106 Preston.


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